Wednesday, June 10, 2015

No more mud! House color ideas

We've had this mud pit in front of our new garage that holds standing water for days after a big rain. Its Freddy's favorite place. He loves to play in dirt, throw dirt, sit in dirt and water just makes everything better in his opinion. 

After waiting for literally weeks and weeks, we finally got the concrete crew to come! But then I saw them putting the forms up and it was different then I thought it was supposed to be. So I nervously put everyone on hold until Chris could come home and look at it.  After talking with our contractor, we got it worked out but then the concrete crew never came back. I worried for more weeks of delay but it was only a day later that the concrete went in! Yay!!!! No more mud right outside our door. 

Also, we had to get serious about picking paint colors for the outside. We painted a bunch of samples on the outside and then took a picture and uses the computer to simulate the different colors across the entire house. It's tricky to try and match our existing style of house with the somewhat more modern style of the garage addition. 

In the end, we decided on the following two colors. But with rain, and frustrating  'we lost the paint color samples again' problems, we haven't been able to see anything actually painted yet. Hopefully by the time we get back from Seattle. Hopefully. 

Charlie baseball

Charlie wanted to do coach pitch baseball this year because some good friends from his class were doing it. It was our first time our family did anything with baseball and it was a lot of fun! His season overlapped with his soccer season a little bit so it got kinda busy for a few weeks but the heavy rain has helped keep some evenings free. 

Charlie is a good little baseball player! He never struck out and everytime got on base except for once in the championship game, they got him out at first. He got a pop fly once and was pretty dependable overall. We had a lot of fun watching him and we're glad that the playground was so close to his field.  Frederick is such a busy toddler. Literally. Always. Moving. We've got to keep a close eye on him with the fire ant piles all over the place. 

Charlie's team did really well, only lost 1 game. They had a fun pizza party and gave out little baseball bat trophies at the end of the season. 

Even Grandma Dixie got in on the fun for his second to last game. She flew in town to watch the kids while Chris and I went on the pioneer Trek for our stake church youth group.  The championship game was going to be while Chris and I were gone so we told the coach Charlie wouldn't make it and he was like, 'no! We need Charlie!' And offered to come pick him up from our house and take home home again! Coach said Charlie never spoke a word the whole time! I knew he was nervous but he also was willing to do it. I love our courageous Charlie. 

Mudroom and playroom

Big changes! Carpet is in in the playroom, stairs and kids' bedroom. 

Mudroom floor is finished! I went with the big squares and I love it! So glad I took the risk. 

Designed the mudroom shelving. I go crazy over getting stuff like this just right. I have no one to blame but myself if I don't think of everything I might want it to have a place for. Kinda stressful but in the end, it turned out good!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Trip to Memphis

Our nearest temple is in Memphis and so is the nearest Costco. We occasionally clear a Saturday to visit both places.  This particular time, we decided to make a little overnight trip of it. We leave just before school gets out and 3 hours later have 10 minutes to eat pizza at CiCi's before dropping me off at the temple to help work the Stake new member baptismal night. Meanwhile Chris checks into the hotel and then shops at Goodwill for some clothes for Trek with the kids. Then the next morning, it's Chris' turn to attend the temple while I swim with the kids in the hotel pool. Then it's out to lunch followed by a trip to Costco. Then we get home around 4pm. Kind of a long weekend but it's a good way for Chria and I both to have a turn in the temple and the 6 hours in the car is good practice for our cross-country drive to Seattle coming up in a month!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Charlie's soccer team

The rain cleared up long enough for Charlie to have his last soccer game and take team pictures! He had a lot of fun this season.

Also we had a little stomach flu going around between the kids this week. It started with Charlie and he stayed home from school once. Then Gwen, and she stayed home from preschool. And by the end of the week, Alec was feeling left out decided he was too sick to go to to school on Thursday. (I had a hunch he was faking it, but whats the harm in taking a personal day every once in a while?) As long as he rested for the entire day, it was fine with me. :) He never got sick but did manage to spend almost the entire school day within a few feet of the carpet. Either sleeping or reading Harry Potter. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

New carpet and tile

Trying to decide between large checks or small checks in the laundry/mud room. 

We tried to save on money and demo-ed the old carpet ourselves. The kids sure had fun yanking it off the tacks and rolling it up with the duck tape.

Woooo-eee! We've had some problems with the connection between the house and the septic tank. Its been raining so much, we haven't been able to dig it up to see what the problem is. Our contractor, Joe will send some of his guys, usually Shane or Ross, to pump it out (a few hundred feet out into the yard) every so often. But that is basically like sweeping the dirt under the rug. It provides aesthetic relief (which is nice!) but doesn't solve the problem. I can't wait for the rain to stop. 

Plumbers came and fixed the piping in the floor of the 1/2 bath off of the laundry/mud room where we changed the location of the toilet so we could fit a sink in there. 

Also, this week, the carpet came! I was pretty nervous about how it would look on a large scale. I feared it would be too dark and purple-looking. 

And the tile in the upstairs bathroom got put in! I love how Wade did it with the striations going different directions.

We are getting so close!!!!!! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Stake Conference, the Masters and school bus waiting

I LOVE this baby outfit that a good friend, Mary George gave us at a baby shower for Alec. For some reason I feel like I need to wait for a special occasion to get it out, but in doing so, I almost missed the chance to put Freddy in it all all! It barely fits him still and I decided the Sunday after Easter (Stake Conference...since we didn't go out of the house at all during Easter because of General Conference) would be a good time to get it out. 

We're SOOOOOOO excited to be able to go to the US Open this year. Chris insisted we prepare for it by watching The Masters. It has been a LONG TIME since I've laid back next to Chris and watched an entire day of a golf tournament..complete with falling asleep somewhere in the middle. That is one of the activities we seemed to do a lot when we were dating and newly married. Now we have 4 wiggly kids trying to sit on or in between us while we all watch. 

Waiting for the school bus I bet on having a child fall asleep, but I didn't think it would be Gwen. 

Another time we were waiting in the car. I can't remember the reason. Either it was storming, or we had just come from somewhere or were fixing to go somewhere soon as the boys come home. (I'm turning Southern)

And yet another time, we had some friends with us. Our kind neighbor drove by in her convertible and asked the girls if they wanted a ride down the street and back. I am really starting to love the South.