Friday, April 11, 2014

It's time for the masters!

Gwen and Charlie wanted to go hit balls after watching a bit of the Masters with Chris this morning. Ever mindful of the proper attire, Charlie made sure Gwen and him both had one glove on, and sunglasses. Gwen made sure they had a good snack: three big marshmallows.

The weather today is peeeerfect. It gets us so excited to have a big backyard soon. All this finalizing/inspections etc when you buy a house takes soooo long but I guess it's good because we need the time to figure out the renovations.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Columbus Air Force Base Air Show

Thanks to our van needing to get taken to the nearest honda dealership because of a check engine light (glad it was just some recalled pistons misfiring so they fixed it for free!) we passed by a big sign for an Air Show at the local Air Force base.

We put it on our calendars and went to check it out after the 1st Saturday session of General Conference. We had a ton of fun and really enjoyed that our kids were old enough to appreciate and be entertained by it. It probably helped that Chris was as excited as a little kid, enthralled with each trick and amazed by the talent and mind-blowing possibilities of the planes.  We saw the defending world champion trick pilot and the famous Thunderbirds with their f-16 fight jets. (Is that right Chris? I call upon you to jump on this post to give more details...)

So fun. Even though we had to walk over 2 miles to get from our parked car to the entrance if the show...that's well over 4 miles round trip. 

First feedless night, house hunting

Frederick has been making a general trend of sleeping longer stretches at night.  It's great. Saturday night he went from 8:30 to 6:30! Hurray! He's also been grabbing things a lot...including his hands. He talks a bunch and even laughs sometimes. I can never get enough kisses in on those churubic cheeks of his although I try my hardest. We are all loving him so much.

The other thing occupying my mind is our house hunt! I've basically been checking extremely regularly since we've moved here. A lot of possible ones have caught our eye (really I should just say my eye) but none of them seem perfect. We met with a realtor and a mortgage broker a couple of weeks back and then actually got to go look at all our top picks, and after seeing them there has really only been 1 that we can't seem to get out of our mind. We love to dream about the possibilities inside the house with some renovations and outside the house with the 3.7 acres! We're in the process of working out the details to buy it and are looking forward to closing on it, making it official and starting on our renovation dreams.  In the meantime we're praying and hoping all this middle stuff clears. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Work with daddy = fun with mommy

The kids love to go to work with Chris. They dream about their turn many days before it actually happens. They will pack their own backpack with a few small toys, paper and coloring utensils, and some snacks. Charlie lasted from just before lunch to dinner time at Chris' office.

Gwen and I painted each other's nails and made chocolate banana n'ice cream shakes. She actually held really still for her turn and did a fairly decent job on my nails. I was way impressed. 

Gwen's turn to go to work with Chris was a few days later and she lasted about an hour. :) Charlie and I still had time to play soccer and make another shake so it ended up being fine. Fun times. 

In Frederick news he can be very vocal at times and is the cutest talker. 

He still wakes up at least twice during my night so that's a bit rough but he's filling out nicely and loves to be rocked and bounced which gives me a nice workout. I don't know if it's because of it being #4, or not being able to run throughout the pregnancy, or the stress(eating) of the past 6 months, or because I'm almost 30....but man, this baby weight is just hanging around. No fun.  But I sure so love these quiet moments: 

And these silly, and loud playmates make me smile:

Alec is working hard in school and getting fantastic grades, reading well and excitedly doing math problems (the harder the more excited he gets) and singing made up songs that say, "I like is cool" Inspired by Bill  Nye. Poor boy is gone most of the day and therefore doesn't get many picture taken of him but I'm often caught off guard by his good looks. He looks just like his Daddy. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Post vacation rest syndrome

7 hour drive each way for 3 days at the beach followed by a less than 24 hr stop at home before another 10 hr car trip to Nashville and back within 24 hours makes for a tired crew.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring break beach vacation

It really has been a very difficult past couple of that 6 months ... or 8 months...well when do I even stop? But the last couple of months have been excruciating at times so we decided to throw caution to the wind and  rent a condo by the beach in Destin, Florida for 3 days, 4 nights during spring break! We've all been looking forward to it and made zero plans for it besides relaxing and swimming as much as we can. 

On Friday after lunch we picked up Alec from school and drove the 7 hours (with stops) to the beach. The condo was beautiful and sooo nice, too nice really but Chris took care of that real quick by putting up above the kitchen cupboards all the pretty, breakable decorations within the kids' reach.  There was 1 bedroom with a king sized bed (perfect for Chris, Frederick and I) and a little hallway alcove with a set of bunk beds for the boys and Gwen slept in our closet. 

Saturday morning Chris made the meal Alec requested (German pancakes) while I slept in a bit. Before 10:00 we were all dressed, lunch packed, and enjoying the sun at the beach.  Sand castles, burying everyone, jumping over waves, playing catch with gloves and baseballs, and snuggling Freddy about sums it up. 

By 3:00 we (mostly Frederick and Gwen) we're ready for some indoor time and we left the beach and walked the 5 min walk across and down the street back to our condo to put clothes on to grab a few things at Walmart and go out to eat at a yummy mom and pops pizza place. 

Then we came home, put on swimsuits again and swam in the awesome pool at the the dark, under the stars, when it was way past bedtime. The kids loved that.  They also loved that we let then eat ice cream and peanut m&ms and watch dirt bike racing until 1 by 1 they fell asleep on the couch. 

A pretty awesome vacation day. 

The rest of the days of our vacation were less awesome between bad sunburns, kid tantrums, and uncontrolled emotions from everyone. But here are the highlights: 

Sunday we slept in and attended an 11:00 church 30 min away and stayed for the first 2 blocks. Then we found a shady (remember the sunburns?) park and had a picnic lunch and little family testimony meeting. 

We ate Charlie's pick for dinner: macaroni and cheese and hung around the condo playing uno and speed and battleship. 

Monday we had sunshine pancakes for breakfast and swam at the pool most of the day. Then Chris took the 3 older kids miniature golfing while I hung out with Frederick at the condo. At 6:30 we walked down the street to a local burger place for dinner followed by a starlight walk on the beach.  Sounds romantic but with 4 tired kids 7 and under it was more adventurous than romantic. It was fun to use Chris's star-constilation finding app. 

Tuesday we had to be checked out of our place by 10:00 and then spent the rest of the morning at the beach. It was a bit cold and overcast so we left around 1:00 to drive back home to Mississippi. We were quite lucky in the weather since all of our full days were warm and beautiful.  It was kind of interesting to watch all the college spring breakers party it up. Between them and the retired couple population I felt like we stood out a lot with our big young crew but most everyone was very kind and smiled at the kids...especially Frederick. 

We really enjoyed the break from life and hope to be able to do things like this more often in the future. For the rest of our spring break Chris has a day full of tests and appointments on Thursday up in Nashville with the Vanderbilt doctors as a follow up from his stem cell it's off to Nashville tomorrow.