Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hard to Please

Alec has mastered the art of getting our attention when he wants it, especially when he's hungry. He starts off with a whine-ish cry to tell us he's hungry and if we don't respond quick enough with food, he'll go to a REALLY LOUD whine-ish cry. That was quick to get under my skin, so Chris had the brilliant idea to have him say a word, like "more." So we conditioned him to say, "Ma, Ma" when he wants food. It didn't take long for Alec to turn his sweet "Ma" into a really LOUD "MAAAAAAAA!!!" Again, this gets old, real fast. So we tried to teach him the sign for "more" which is putting your fingertips to your thum-tips on each hand and then hitting both hands together twice, touching fingertips to fingertips. Alec actually made a sign pretty similar and Chris and I clapped and praised him. He got so excited about our excitement he kept doing it again and again, but sloppier each time so it turned out to be just clapping. Oh well, it sure was cute.

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