Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Joining the Crowd

Well, I enjoyed creating Alec's blog the past year, but now I'm looking for something a little less time consuming and so I've joined the blogspot crowd. Hopefully this will be better for everyone, as we will have posts more often since it will (hopefully) take less time. I just have to give up a little bit of control...something that is actually kinda of hard for me to do. However, we will enjoy being able to use a lot of nice features, like comments. So friends and family, comment away!

1 comment:

Kjerstine said...

OH IM SOOO GLAD YOU HAVE YOUR OWN NOW... ive been trying to leave messages on ALEC's but couldnt ever get it to work!!
thank you for the inspirational / motivational messages. i love your blasts from the past!!! lets keep in touch.
lots of love.