Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little boy

Alec is looking more and more like a little boy to me and less and less like an infant. He got this cute hat from Aunt Jess and Uncle Ryan for his birthday and he seems to like it. At least, he doesn't try and take it off whenever its on. What a little stud! ... just like his father.

Alec sleeps with a blanket, although he's actually never really shown a preference for that particulate one before. I was hoping if he had something to sleep with, his bedtime routine could work well pretty much wherever. Which could possibly be true, since he slept great when we were on vacation over Christmas. He only sees the blanket during bedtime, but when I do laundry, it ends up in a basket in our family room for some portion of the day. Last time I did this, he found the blanket and carried it around the house with him, finally learning how to hold it behind his back so it didn't trip him up. Its sorta cute, but I hope I didn't dig myself into a hole.

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