Monday, February 11, 2008


We love craigslist! Even though sometimes you never hear back from inquiring, and even though there are horror stories of ridiculously cheap customers, we've had fairly good experiences. We got this hiking backpack from a really nice guy. Alec seems to be really comfortable and he enjoys having a high view (on Chris' back). We're excited to go hiking more as there are LOTS of beautiful places nearby. Yay for beautiful weather and yay for craigslist!


Betteridge Family said...

Beautiful pictures Britt. And what a nice carrier! That is great! We love craigslist too. In fact, that is how we found our first appartment here in Pittsburgh, and the people even contracted with us long distance since we weren't able to see it before hand. Post a picture of your bike trailer...can't wait to see.

brittney said...

our bike trailer is coming in the mail (from amazon) and should be here today!! We're excited!

Ryan & Jess said...

I'm glad you have had good experiences! For the most part, craigslist is great!