Friday, February 22, 2008

Family Fun

My family (Mom, Dad, Sarah and Hailey) stayed with us this past week and today, they are gone. We had so much fun just chilling around here doing bike rides, hikes, watching movies and playing ultimate frisbee and tennis. We also toured San Fransisco a bit on Monday: Golden Gate Park, Fisherman's Wharf, and the Zoo! My sister Sarah got on ABC's 7 news because that day was the first day for the lion's exhibit to be opened since those people got killed by the tiger a few months back.

In addition to visiting my aunt and cousins up in Rocklin, CA all day Wednesday, my dad helped Chris and I get our garden ready for planting! We used an ingenious method to keep out the birds with some netting and good old' pbc(at least thats what I've always called it) pipe, which dad calls the "covered wagon method." I'll have to post some pictures after we get things planted.

Now the house seems too quiet, but that should actually be a good thing since Alec is taking a 3 hour nap! Where that came from, I have no idea...


Ryan & Jess said...

I'm SO glad you had a good time with your fam. I love San Fran and hopefully someday I can go back!

Sidenote - just read a good book maybe you would like. "These is My Words" by Nancy Turner. Check it out!

brittney said...

Come and visit us anytime and we'll make sure you get back to San Fran!! Also, thanks for the tip... it looks interesting, I've now requested it at my library.

Kjerstine said...

looks like you and yours are having so much fun!!! i love the updates & thank you thank you for the birthday wishes!

aaron and joni said...

hey brittney,

Just wanted to say hi! I found your blog finally, so I will be visiting often :O)
joni ann