Friday, February 22, 2008

Valentine's Party

We had a fun Valentine's courtyard party that lasted two days! The kids decorated sugar cookies and valentines on Wednesday, then we had a Chinese food dinner on Thursday. The weather was beautiful and quite windy, but at least the dinner was indoors. Also Chris and I decided not to do any separate gifts that required money this year. So I made some beautiful, chocolate-dipped cookies for him, and surprised him with them and Alec at his office. We were given some money from our Grandma Archibald for Valentines day and so we purchased a lemon tree for us to enjoy all year round, for years to come. I love holidays.


MandaMommy said...

That reminds me of that Peter Paul and Mary song, Lemon Tree. I love your tree! I can't wait to get "settled" for good over there (whenever that is) so we can do some plants too!

Betteridge Family said...

Brittney, CUTE picture with you in that beautiful red shirt. You are looking so skinny! You're beautiful inside and out! We love you.

Ryan & Jess said...

That red shirt is very cute. You are looking so good!

I am jealous you live in a climate where you can grow a lemon tree :)