Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Rise until double

So I've been wanting to make bread more often than buy it, in an effort to stay closer to our food budget for the month. This batch was more of a handful than I expected since I didn't realize the recipe I was using made 6 loaves, requiring 12 cups of flour until it was time to add the flour. I didn't have enough white flour and had to use wheat for the last couple of cups. My Kitchen Aide mixer (as I found out mid-try) can't contain that much flour without spilling out dough everywhere! So I was forced to do old fashioned hand-kneading for 10+ minutes and gratefully placed it in a bowl to rise until double. I came back after an hour to check on it and this is what I found. I probably should have realized it wasn't all going to fit in my bowl when it was double, oh well. It'll still taste good ... hopefully.

Ok, Alec has been dying to give his two cents so here goes, accompanied by some super cute pictures of him.

kbkhuuuuuuu nhkbhhbjbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbk.,mnb

(those last 6 characters were done by his feet, seeing as how he didn't think he was done when I thought he was) Ok, here are his pictures:

I'm not sure how he managed that one, but he did it all by himself!


MandaMommy said...

That dough looks like a Salvador Dali! Cool!

That's one cute kid! (Nice shoes, too.)

Radene said...

Your dough made me laugh! How funny. Did the loaves turn out well!?

Barb: said...

I'm impressed!

And Alec is getting so big and absolutely adorable. I hope we get to see you all soon!

Ryan & Jess said...

I just made bread, too! I always forget how much the dough rises...and how fast!

Alec is adorable, as always. Good to see life is great as ever for you guys!