Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Every day, Alec and I will take the five minute walk to water the garden. One day, he surprised me with trying to repeat the word "garden" when I told him where we were going. I even caught it on video yesterday.

Some other words that Alec says are:
  • woof = food
  • wah wah = water
  • ba ba = bike ride
  • dee dee = thankyou
  • ah da = all done
  • wishee = fishie
  • wee wee = owie
  • ti tah = tick tock
  • da da = daddy
  • ma ma = mommy
  • bah = ball
  • wheeeeeeeee = whee
  • uh hu = up, please
  • eye yah = Oliver
  • eh yah = Ella
Oh and here are some other pictures of our garden using my dad's 'covered wagon method.' Alec's favorite part of watering is when he can stick his hand in the water stream. He also loves to turn the water higher and lower. In our garden we currently have planted: broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, crook neck squash, peas, beans, and watermelon.


MandaMommy said...

I can't get over the extreme cuteness of that video. He sure puts a smile on my face with those cute words and kisses!

Ryan & Jess said...

I wish we had a fun to see things grow and to eat the fruits of your labor :)

Hope life is great for you guys! Love you!

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

Oh, he is so cute! I bet it is so fun to see Alec continuing to grow and learn. I would absolutely love to have a garden too...maybe next year, we'll see.

Barb: said...

I'm really impressed with how well Alec can say 'garden.' I'm glad you got it on video.

You're garden looks awesome. It is really fun to grow things and then eat them. Maybe we should do a garden again this summer...

We miss you guys! Hopefully we cna talk soon.

Radene said...

Brittney, cute pictures. Wow, Alec is really becoming talkative! Oh how wonderful it will be to see you in just a couple months! We sure love you!