Friday, June 27, 2008

18 months old

Yesterday was Alec's 18 month birthday! To celebrate I'll share some recent alecisms with pictures and videos! So settle down and enjoy this tribute to the cutest boy ever (I need to say that as much as I can now, because in a few months there'll be a tie for that title.) This video shows Alec blowing his candle and a half out on his first try!

Physical Skills - Alec seems to have advanced climbing skills for his age. He can climb up rope ladders on playground with ease and stability. Within a few tries he learned to climb up and down the huge wooden rocking horse his uncle Edward made him. His physical abilities are constantly surprising us from his far/hard throws, golf swings, powerful kicks, to somersaults!

Food-Related Skills - Alec takes his food very seriously. He's already very good at feeding himself, whether with a spoon, fork or regular cup. He has a BIG appetite; sometimes eating 3 bowls of cereal in the morning and then drinks up his milk from his bowl, usually spill-less. He also hates to part with unfinished food (that he likes) even if he's practically asleep. Observe:

Affection - Alec LOVES to give kisses, especially to babies. He very gently gets as close as possible to their head without touching other parts of them and says "mmmmmmah!" right on the head. He loves to cuddle when we put him to bed, and can give hugs when he ask him. (Ok, so he actually just sort of sticks out his head and expects the receiver to do the hugging).

We love our little boy so much and enjoy all the ups and downs. At Thom's wedding he wore the cutest little tuxedo. We'll have to beg someone for pictures so we can show you him in all his tuxedo glory.


Ryan & Jess said...

Wow. He is so adorable! Looks like a fun celebration - we miss you guys already!

It is hard to believe Mady will ever be able to do those things, but just a short 6 months away!

Shelly Beth said...

So cute and getting so big! Isabelle's 1st birthday was on Monday. They grow so fast! Well, I am de-junking my apartment getting ready to move and I still have bins full of BYU class binders, notes, projects, etc. What did you do with all that stuff? Did you keep any of it? I think I need someone to tell me "THROW THAT STUFF AWAY!" so I don't feel guilty. I told Drew that it's just that I learned a ton of stuff, but forgot it all after the class was over, so I feel that if I ever need that info again, I can't use my brain and have to turn to my I hold onto stuff. Anyways, what did you do? Please tell me to get rid of it....

MandaMommy said...

Those videos are so cute!! I love the sleeping strawberries one!

oh! resolution said...

Wow--he is so big! It is so fun to see all the videos of Alec since we don't get to see him in person.

We miss you guys and hope you're doing well!

--Barb and Steve