Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Betteridge Blast 08

We had a marvelous Betteridge Reunion this past week. It was combined with my mom's extended Hardy family reunion on the Oregon coast. My parents rented two adjoining duplexes just a block or so from the beach. It was so fun to be all together, even though sicknesses seemed to hit just about every family. We had some nice meals, roasted hotdogs and smores on the beach, watched everyone else break the law and light fireworks off on the beach, went on bike rides, climbed the local, HUMONGOUS sand dune, watched movies and played games. Here are some pictures from our camera, and hopefully we'll soon get copies of pictures other people took, and I'll put a few more up later. Its good to be back home for a little bit, although I'm missing the cool Oregon weather now that its 99ish degrees here!

(this next one was at the top of the sand dune...and by the way, moments earlier in mid-climb I got my first bee sting ever... I didn't handle it very well)
Me and my sisters (plus my niece mary)


Libby said...

looks like lots of fun! the beach looks especially appealing. i have been craving the beach...even a not so warm pnw beach. i love the picture of alec on the surfboard. so cute!

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

It sounds like so much fun with your family! I bet it was so nice to be a little cooler during the summer!

Ryan & Jess said...

How fun to be on the beach with family. Such a fun time! Good for you guys to get away from things for awhile. Glad you weren't allergic to the bee sting, Brit!

A Donahue said...

hey britt, you probably have no idea who this is, but i came across your blog and wanted to say hi! i am very new to this whole blogging page thing its ashley adams well donahue now but anyways yeah i have no idea how to say hi any other way, email me back sometime it was sure great seeing your smiling face again, miss you girl. oh email