Monday, August 11, 2008

catch up

I know its been a while and I know most of you don't care or already know about our summer fun, but heres a little catch up. Our Cedar City, UT trip was a blast. We loved all the plays we saw at the Shakespeare Festival, especially Cyrano. Between plays, we swam in the pool and hung out with family. AGA's infamous ILCRICC tournament was only a 2 day event this year, and Alec, Grandma, Great-grandma, Aunt Brittany and I made it to the 18th green to watch Thom and Chris (tied for the lead after 17) putt. Thom pulled off the win by 1 stroke. During our whole trip, the only time we got out the camera was at the golf course.

My birthday was the next day after we got back from Cedar City. Chris let me relax all day and had a surprise get together with friends for cake and ice cream that evening. My good friends Joni and Amanda made the most amazing cookie ice cream "cake." It tasted even better than it looked, and as you can see in this picture, it looked GOOD.

We also had a Pioneer Day Activity that the nursery kids were invited to, so we took Alec and he LOVED bobbing for apples. He actually got it by picking the apple up by the stem! Cute boy...

We went to a fun park where water squirted up and as always Alec had no fear of getting soaked and really enjoyed watching Chris balance our mini beach ball in the shooting streams.

We cut Alec's hair again, but this time we put a recent home video on for him to watch/keep still. I was able to do a pretty thorough job, and I think he looks super adorable.

A recent bike riding adventure with our friends took us at the bay! It was 12 miles round trip and let me tell you, being almost 7 months pregnant I had major bum soreness for a few days after. Since there was no shade where stopped to have lunch, we rigged up a little tent which Alec seemed to like. We've really enjoyed our summer so far and are looking forward for all the fun adventures that Fall will bring.


Jim and Dixie said...

Really great pictures and wrap-up of your summer fun. You did a wonderful job on the haircut. Cutting little ones hair is a really difficult job, but it looks fabulous. We miss you all. Thanks for the pictures!

Ryan & Jess said...

I was wondering if you guys were still ALIVE! Thanks for the post and update.

Love Alec's haircut. You did such a good job! And putting on the homevideo was a great idea. Mady is mesmerized every time she sees herself on the computer...maybe we'll have to try that :)

And happy belated b-day! I am so bad at keeping up to date on new year's resolution for next year!!

Radene said...

Wow, Go Britt, 12 miles!