Thursday, August 28, 2008

Washington and "big boy" beds

Well, after a 3 hour plane delay, Alec and I made it safe to Washington for our visit. We're "watching" my two younger sisters, aged 17 and 9, while my parents are away. Its fun to have some time alone with them and its wonderful to be home again... I love it here. Its not fun chasing Alec around constantly trying to say "No" in different words to all the off-limit things he wants to play with. Alec's new favorite word is "No" and he takes chances to say it allllll the time. I hoped this stage would never come, but I guess it has.

In other Alec news, we've moved him to a big twin bed! It is pretty high off the ground so we got a bed rail and it does the job just fine. We didn't have any issues with him getting out of his bed at first because I think the bed was so high (he has to use a step stool to get up and down) it was too intimidating to climb out. Now that he's mastered the climbing process, he has had one episode of coming out of his room before sleeping at nap time. I promptly put him (crying) into his crib for the rest of the nap and he hasn't done it since. So, so far, so good, but I'm sure we'll have more issues later on. Plus, now that we're away from home there is no bed-railed twin for him to sleep in, so its back in the crib and he's not liked it much. In fact, yesterday for his nap I eventually moved him onto the big king sized bed I've been sleeping on for his nap, which he seemed to like. I didn't bring my camera cord to transfer pictures onto this computer so we'll have to wait for pictures either until Chris comes (and he brings the cord) or until we get home to California. Just rest assured there will be cute pictures of Alec and family at the zoo and park!


Ryan & Jess said...

How fun to be with your sisters for awhile. Sounds like the transition was pretty smooth to the "big boy" bed! Can't wait for the pics.

Radene said...

So glad you got to go visit home and be with Sarah and Hailey. We haven't moved Carter yet, but I'm wondering when the right time is?

Good luck on your 5k!