Tuesday, September 30, 2008

China adventure

So, here is an update from the next day in China. As far as the tournament goes, we are just starting the first official match. What's that? you may ask. Didn't you already play yesterday and do quite well? That is a good question. Turns out, that the first day's matches was using incorrect noise for the shots, and then when we realized that and played the next day, those matches were without any noise at all. So, we were doing just awesome, but that is because there was no noise. Tomorrow, I should have actual results from the real matches. Until then, enjoy some pictures from near the forbidden city.

The tower on the north west corner of the forbidden city.
The north entrance to the forbidden city (we didn't actually go in)
View to the north from the north gate.
The south side of the forbidden city.

So today is a national holiday in China, I think it is their independence day. Anyways, the chinese have the week off, and there were a lot of people everywhere. There were also some cool arrangements in the middle of Tiananmen squareThe olympic mascots

Then we walked down an absolutely packed pedestrian street that was lined with expensive stores and malls. One mall we went into was 7 stories tall, and every floor was packed with people.

Later we found a long, long line of food sellers. All kinds of food on sticks, fried chicken, octopus, starfish, lobster, other wriggly creatures, and all sorts of other things I probably don't want to know about.
We caught a subway for most of the way home, which was also fun. Anyways, hopefully I will have some official news soon.

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dixie said...

Beautiful pictures. Hope the official competition goes great for you!