Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 1 In China!

Hello from China! I (Chris) got here safe and sound, and here are some pictures of my day:

Our first night, they put us in a suite on one side of the lake with this view out the balcony:

Now we are in a room in the cluster of buildings on the other side. The lobby of the hotel/spa/resort we are at is to the left of the picture, about halfway around the lake between our old and new rooms. It was really misty/foggy in the morning and basically stayed that way all day. We are far away from the main city of Beijing, which I think is pretty cool. I always feel like I really got to see a country when I get out of the big cities.

The ICGA competition and conference are being held at a golf course, and this is the club house. You can see all the people there for the computer olympiad opening ceremonies. It was really odd to see so many people there, I wondered if they were there for the olympiad or just happened to be passing through, on buses, and in a large group. A number of the chinese people wanted pictures taken with us.

I only saw a few people actually playing golf (a round costs about 100 dollars for 18 holes, for guests of the club). This twosome had two caddies, each with a blue vest and white hard hat, who rode around on the back of the golf cart, and would hand them their clubs. I got a kick out of it.

I am pretty tired for tonight (it is already 8:45!) and so will leave you with that. I hope to post more in the coming days.

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