Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 2

The second word out of Alec's mouth this morning as he came running into our room was, "Daddy!!"(The first being Mommy). After I told him that Daddy was still gone, because he was in China, Alec said, "bee-treen, fie... down" translation: airplane, fly, down. So at least he gets the fact that Chris was on an airplane and after flying it came back down. Next Alec squirmed off the bed, ran back into his room, and returned carrying 3 books, his blanket and a stuffed whale Grandma Betteridge gave him. He made 2 more trips back into his room gathering more books and his Sasha bear. So even though Chris wasn't there to entertain Alec with our radio clock while I tried to get more sleep, I still caught a few more moments in bed reading books. So far so good with Day 2. I took it pretty easy and only did the bathroom, dishes and a general pick up. Our friends Peter and Aaron watched Alec for me so I could go to the General Relief Society Broadcast. I just loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk about God's happiness and how we can obtain it through creation and service. It was exactly what I needed to hear about how to be happy, even when my personal sunshine is gone. So, bring on Day 3! By the way, Chris arrived safely in China and the competition starts on Monday (which is actually our Sunday) so we'll get to find out soon how his team looks compared to others!

Random cute picture of Alec


Shelly Beth said...

I too enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf's talk! It was great. So what exactly is Chris doing in China?

brittney said...

In short, he's there for his research. There is a Computer Olympiad taking place and his research has been building a computer program to play an electronic version of pool / billiards. There are other teams competing and after everyone plays the other people's programs, someone (hopefully chris' team) will win!

Sarah Jane Smith said...

Hi Brittney, Its Sarah (Camm) Smith! I am so glad I found you- You have a beautiful little family and its so good to see your face :) Hope you don't mind if I check up on you now and then! Take care.