Monday, September 15, 2008

Its about time

Well, it is ridiculous how long its been since I've last posted. Here are some fun photos from our lovely trip to Washington. I'll start off with a view of my Puget Sound: home, sweet home.

We had lots of fun play time with my sister Hailey from parks to zoos.

Having my little son be this close to sharks is actually a little disconcerting, but he loved it.

This is a beluga whale, pretty playful.

For Memorial Day we took a 20 min ferry out to Anderson Island to visit my Aunt and Uncle's spot of land with their huge teepee (seriously like 50 feet high) my cousin put up. I only got it in the background of one of the tractor pictures, its much bigger than it appears. The hammock was hung up inside it, between two opposite teepee poles and hung 6 feet above the ground; you had to climb in from a chair....or jump in if you're really tall and crazy like Chris. Alec loved riding their tractor with another cousin, Caleb.

First day of school! It was fun playing "mommy" to a high-schooler and a grade-schooler. After dropping Hailey off in her new classroom, Alec, Chris and I went to feed to ducks at a nearby park! We had a really fun time until the big Canadian Geese started crowding in. We picked up Alec and left pretty quickly.

We also happened to be there during the Puyallup Fair! This is one of the biggest fairs in the Western United States, or some other geographical region.... its just big, ok? We saw lots of farm animals, a marionette puppet show, and got to ride the train and carousel with Alec. A big thanks to Grandma for making that experience so special!!


Jim and Dixie said...

Lots to catch up on. Thanks for the new post--great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Brit- your family is absolutely adorable! My mom told me you were pregnant again- is that true?! Your little boy is so cute! I can't believe how big he is. It has been forever since I have seen you! Next time you are in Utah, or I am in Cali we need to get ahold of each other... my number is 801-433-7295 if you ever want to talk or are in town. Love you tons! Meg

Kjerstine said...

looks like you had a blast!!!

thanks for your support through my mom's being sick.
you are a great person.

all my love.

thom and brittany said...

thanks for the update. Looks like yall had a ton of fun. Great pictures

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

Great pictures! Hey Brittney, how far along in your prenancy are you now? How are you feeling? I hope that you are doing well. Alec is SO stinkin' cute by the way!

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

Oh, ha! I just saw the pregnancy ticker/countdown. You are getting close! Good luck with #2! It will be quite some time I think before #2 for us. YOu will have to tell me about how it is to have two kids and especially two boys!

Hawks said...

SOOO FUN....i miss going to the Puyallup was always so fun...