Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 6

So last night was hell. I don't use that word, but there is no other way to describe it. Alec woke up every 40 min crying and thrashing. He needed me to hold him and be with him for a bit before he'd go back to sleep... sometimes still crying. Half way through the night I had to take him out of his room so he wouldn't wake up Andrew (who is sleeping in the crib next to Alec's bed) any more. I made a bed in my room for Alec, but that didn't do anything except make it hard for Tiffany and I to sleep when he cried himself to sleep. It was worse than having a newborn. I can't think of any way to help him sleep better since there are a myriad of possible reasons for his behavior: his sore on his mouth hurting, preventing him from using his pacifier, his lack of nap earlier in the day, his late/hurried bedtime routine after a CA meeting, having new people in the house, no daddy there for alternate cuddles and loves, his incoming canine teeth etc. I scheduled a doctors appointment for Alec later in the day and when the doctor finally came in to see us, she basically said it looks like an enormous canker sore and told us to numb it and give it a few more days before seeing an ear, nose, throat specialist. So I guess we'll have to wait it out.

In happier news, Tiffany and I took the boys to the zoo today with my friend and her girls for the free zoo day. Although, I guess its only free for the residents of San Francisco, and I guess they are actually making people show proof. So, it wasn't free for us. It was fun to see animals and the boys enjoyed getting out of the house. I'll try to post some pictures from Tiffany's camera soon.


oh! resolution said...

Woah. I get canker sores too. I have one my tongue right now as well, though on the bottom, so I feel for Alec.

Hawks said...

This has been so interesting reading your blog and then reading what chris writes too...I am sorry it has been hard..i know the feeling its great to have a sister!!