Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 7

Well, Day 6 was so crazy that I didn't write its post until today, but marked the date as yesterday so all the posts would be chronological. Therefore, check below Chris' Great Wall post for it. Right now it is pretty late so this will be short. Last night was SOOO much better than the night before. Alec slept for 12 hours straight. He must have been so sleep deprived. Today we decided to take it easy and stay around home. We played out on the playground, watered the garden, and did some prep work for the EV Book Event coming up this Saturday. The boys REALLY enjoyed watching the construction in our courtyard and we got some cute pictures of them staring at the tractor. I'd love to post pictures, but its too late to figure out how to hook up Tiffany's camera. Alec and I have been really lucky to communicate with Chris as much as we do. I didn't expect too much since we didn't want to pay for a phone card, but it turns out his laptop has a microphone so we Skype every day and get to hear each other. Sometimes, if Chris borrows his partner's laptop we can do video too! So its been nice. Anyways, I need to capitalize on the kid's being asleep and catch some Zs myself. Goodnight, all!

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Libby said...

hang in there britt! you are a strong woman...i am pretty sure i would not be able to survive being alone at that stage in my pregnancy! how fun that tiff is there now! she will take care of you :)!!