Friday, October 17, 2008

Enjoying the Journey

Its easy for me to look forward to the next stage in life and constantly dream about being there and thinking how wonderful it will be, especially as we await the birth of our second child. I've always done this. I'm not sure what it is about the future that always seems much more exciting than the present. Maybe it's the "anything is possible" optimistic view of the unknown, compared to the realistic view of my current experiences.

Recently, I've been reminded to enjoy my life's journey, now. The prophet's latest conference address, "Finding Joy in the Journey," has given me a better perspective. There is so much going on my life right now that gives me great joy, and some of it will be gone forever in just a week or whenever the baby comes. Right now is the perfect and last time to enjoy giving all my motherly love and attention to Alec. Each day he makes me smile and melts my heart with all his cuteness and childish glory. It is deeply fulfilling watching him learn things like pouring water from one cup to another, using a stool to reach the light switch, saying "O-pen" instead of "bee-teen," and running fast with his torso held up straight (super cute, by the way). So here's to enjoying today and creating my own sense of happy contentment every day.

"big tractor!"

watching the construction

playing with Andrew

jumping out in the courtyard

riding the "horse" at the SF zoo


Chris said...

touching. thanks dearest.

thom and brittany said...

way to go brittney. we can all do more of this. and those are some super awesome pictures of alec and andrew. what cute boys. alec will be such a great older brother.

jodi said...

Wow, I can't believe your due date is only a week away! I loved that talk (or at least as much as I heard of it - I need to read it online) by Pres Monson. I find myself looking ahead a lot too. Thanks for the nice reminder. And good luck this next week!

Ryan & Jess said...

Those pictures are awesome. I have found that this is one of the HARDEST things to do! No matter how hard I try, if I don't force myself to think about it I forget to live for today.

dixie said...

Agreed--it is always very difficult to do, even as you get older and think you should have learned that lesson. Super cute pictures--Alec is an absolute doll! We are praying for you. Please keep us posted!