Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween

The weather here has been perfectly fallish. Thursday night, Chris and Alec carved the pumpkin. We really pumped up Alec saying, "we're going to carve the pumpkin tonight" all afternoon. When the time finally came, Alec ran to his toy drawer and got out a car and started driving it all over the pumpking...."car the pumpkin." It was totally cute. He wasn't into putting his hand inside the pumpkin but he liked using a spoon to get out the seeds and gunk. He used a butter knife while Chris had the sharp knife and liked putting a face on the pumpkin.

Friday had all the look of a cold, spooky Halloween, yet the wind was warm and so enjoyable. Chris stayed indoors with Charlie, while I took Alec out for our courtyard Halloween party. We decorated cupcakes, made lollipop ghosts, ate pizza and entered our pumpkin in the jack-o-lanturn contest. Turns out we won for "scariest!" Good job, Chris. I had to feed Charlie by this time, so Alec went trick-or-treating with our good friends and neighboors. I am a bit sad we missed his first time, but what can you do? He got a handful of candy and seemed to enjoy himself. Alec was a frog and I threw together a witch costume last minute using, of course, my beloved purple cape.

Here is a video of Alec carving the pumpking with Chris:


Ryan & Jess said...

Alec's costume is ADORABLE! Too bad you missed the trick-or-treating... but there is always next year!!

Hawks said... do not have that purple cape still. if people only knew how important that cape is in your life...