Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Here are some fun pictures of both Alec and Charlie at the same ages, in roughly the same positions or outfits. I think they look very similar! Please ignore picture quality as I was only focused on choosing similar picture content.

Pictures 1

Pictures 2

Pictures 3

If you want to guess which one is which, go ahead and make your guess. I've posted the answers in the comment section already so click the comments section to see if you're right!


brittney said...

Pictures 1 - on the left is Charlie on the right is Alec

Pictures 2 - left is Charlie, right is Alec

Pictures 3 - left is Alec, right is Charlie

thom and brittany said...

i missed the first one, but brittany got them all right. that is crazy. they are like identical twins, only like 2 years apart. thanks for sharing!

dixie said...

Wow--they really do look alike! I won't say how I did, only that I didn't get them all right (but I also didn't get them all wrong!). Such beautiful boys!

MandaMommy said...

Yay! I got them all! But it was probably just dumb luck. That's really crazy!

tericksen said...

I got them all right! Hooray! That is crazy how much they look alike--it was really difficult to tell.

Melissapher said...

Wow, they DO look a lot alike. I got 1/3rd of them right. I'm not a good guesser

Libby said...

wow they look the same! i had to really focus to see that they were different babies!