Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Time

We've had loads of Christmas parties this season, the time has really flown. All of a sudden we're here in WA with my family, what I've been excited about for the past 3 months! Unfortunately we already uploaded our pictures from our camera to our computer of our Ward Christmas party, our 3-D five foot tall paper machee-ed snowman, courtyard nut roasting party and other festivities so we can't post any of our pictures with this post. I will pull a few off of our friends blog illegally so you can at least see our Frosty. (Just look at this as free advertising, p-dogg, you're pictures are amazing)

We drove 14 hours from our home to Chris' aunt and uncles in Seaside, OR. Its crazy that during our short one and a half day visit, they get the nastiest snowstorm they've seen ever. In fact the local news gave it a name: Arctic Blast 2008. Sounds like a movie. So now we we think of the beautiful coastal town of Gearhart, we'll picture a snowy beach town covered in ice. We had lots of fun talking and hanging out with Chris' family and cousins. They're sense of humor is very enjoyable and its fun to see Chris looking like the shrimp next to his offensive-line sized cousins.

Now we're enjoying the once-a-year snow fall here in Tacoma with my family. After today, everyone will be home: 12 adults, 1 tween, and 9 grandchildren under 5 years old... including 6 boys between the ages of 2 and 4. Its going to be crazy.... crazy fun.


Hawks said...

WOW! Hope you survive...

dixie said...

I just have to say that the papier mache snowman is pretty incredible. And have a wonderful, snowed-in Christmas. We're missing you.