Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun at Home

We've had lots of "fun" at home this week. It started off with Chris getting his paper submitted for the paper/IJCAI conference deadline on Monday. Yay, Chris! Then on Tuesday, I gracefully skipped a few stairs carrying 6 loads of laundry and tweaked my ankle a bit. The real fun, however, began on Wednesday with Alec's amazing ability to throw up food within seconds of eating it. At least he was able to keep some medicine down so his fever didn't shoot up much higher than 100. We read lots of books, watched lots of movies, and changed lots of daipers, as Alec's throwing up progressed towards coming out the other end. The fun continues today as I am finally able to walk around without an obvious limp and Alec is finally eating normal foods. We're celebrating by going ice skating for an EV-wide event. We'll just have to remember to bring 5 or 6 diapers and changes of clothes for Alec and hope we keep things contained. Since Alec has still been getting over a cough he got around Christmas time, we've been trying to teach him to cough in his elbow and he actually does it about half the time...what a sweet boy.


Shelly Beth said...

Sorry to hear about your rough week! I am glad you all seem to be coming around now. Have fun tonight! Hopefully you don't have to use too many of those extra outfits for Alec :)

Amy said...

Brittney, you are a trooper.

Liam and Kimberly Breakwell said...

Yikes! oh the joys of parenthood!...if only we could have all the cute, fun stuff without all the poo and barf. Keegan has ear infections in both ears right now, and then today also decided to blow and poo all over me when I was feeding him! ha! It was quite surprising too since he is almost 6 months and it has been awhile since that happened...I also hadn't put his pants back on which didn't help to contain things. Anyways, this is a super long comment, but I haven't been keeping up with others' blogs at all lately, and so it is nice now to catch up on what's been going on with you!...I love all of the pictures of you guys and your cute little boys. It sounds like your little family is keeping very busy and there's lots going on always. Take Care of yourself and keep in touch!