Sunday, February 15, 2009

Part 2

**Chris has added comments in blue italics after each paragraph to give his side of the story. The first post has been revised.**

Chris remembers me as we got in a snowball fight and went sledding.

A month or so later a friend and I ran back quickly from Ward Prayer to ambush VP11 (Victoria Place apt. 11) boys with snowballs. I threw the snow balls a little too early and instead engaged VP12 (Chris' apartment) in a snowball fight. By the end of the night, I was on Chris' team completely soaked since a guy dropped a bucket of water on me from an apartment above. We made a plan to get him back during the Ward FHE sledding trip the next night. For me, all that talk of "tomorrow's master plan" was a silly way to get them to remember me beyond one day.

This night was the first time I remember Brittney as Brittney. (Embarrassingly, she had sung in Sacrament meeting earlier that day, and I didn’t make the connection). We were never ones to pass up a snowball fight, and it was quite the awesome one. I remember the best strategy to get the people up on balconies was to hit the rail in front of them and have the snowball poof in their face, covering them with cold goodness. My first memories of Brittney are of a cute girl, running around with long, completely frozen hair, and having a blast. Once, when she ended up on her back in a snow drift I reached down to give her a hand up. Looking down into her beautiful face, that was the first time I was tempted to kiss her, a temptation I am happy to give in to every day now. Such a fun evening.

Jen, ? and me (Jen was my snowball fight partner)

Somehow we arranged to be in the same carpool heading up to Rock Canyon's bowl for the sledding trip. It was so stuffed I had to either sit across Chris' lap in the back seat, or on his cousin/roommate Steve's in the front seat. If I remember right, both boys gave good reasons why I should sit with them. I ended up on Steve's in the front seat and I remember being a little sad, not to be by Chris. This is probably where I started to realize I liked Chris most especially. Being the jokester I am, I would sneak up behind Chris and his roommates and try to push them down the hill. Most guys will let a girl "win" in a physical confrontation. Not Chris. My pushes never succeeded in sending him down the hill, at least not by himself. If he allowed himself to fall, he would pull me down after him. To his credit, he would help me walk back up the hill with a hand on the small of my back since the shoes I wore were SO slippery on the snow. What a gentleman.

This was a really fun night, and it was also the beginning of being friends with Brittney, it was nice to know that the snowball fight wouldn’t end up being an isolated incident.

to be continued...


Hawks said...

this is way too always interesting to hear what you think and then what a guy thinks.. ha ha

Amy said...

Can't wait for the next installment.