Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Do it, Self"

Thanks for your comments on the last post, they make me happy.

Alec is a great helper, in fact sometimes too good. He wants to help make dinner and set the table but he wants to do it all by himself. We made lasagna together yesterday and he helped "do it self": grate the cheese, stir the sauce, layer the cheese/sauce/noodles, sprinkle the cheese. He got the plates out of the cupboard, placed them around the table, got the forks out of the drawer, placed those by the plates, climbed up into his chair, put on his bib, and called on himself to say the prayer. He didn't want help with that either and he proceeded to give his first complete prayer completely unaided. Here is how it went:

Heh-yin Fah-er (heavenly father), bess food, deeto (thank you) food, jesus, deeto mommy, deeto daddy, deeto ayec, deeto cha-ee (charlie), bess food, Fah-er deeto food uhhhhh AMEN!"

Although it was a little frustrating having to wait for him to do all that dinner helping by himself, it was so rewarding to hear him give that prayer. He completely changed the feeling around the table to sweet happiness. We love him so much. Enjoy these cute pictures.

We "painted" with pudding at playschool on one of the days I taught. Alec seemed to like eating it more than painting with it. :)

Alec figured out how to climb up into Charlie's crib and proceeded to "read" to Charlie while I was getting dressed. 3 minutes, thats all it took. Good thing Alec is pretty gentle with Charlie.


Ryan + Jess said...

Cute boys - Alec looks more and more like Chris when he was little to me. What do you think??

Emily Bateman said...

How adorable!!!!

Shelly Beth said...

Such a cute prayer! I am sure that moment melted your heat!