Saturday, February 14, 2009

A love story

To celebrate Valentine's Day, I'd like to reminisce about our lovely beginning.

**Sheesh! I just meant to write a little but found myself composing a novella. I'll post it in chunks so you can enjoy it over a few days or weeks. Feel free to skip the long version and just read the short and sweet version at the top of each post. Chris' comments are in blue italics**

SHORT AND SWEET VERSION: I remembered meeting Chris before he remembered me.

I remember the first time I saw Chris. He was getting his mail as I walked up to our apartments (Victoria Place) mailboxes to get mine. He wore some jeans, a long-sleeved polo shirt and his hair was longish with some spots of yellow/orange on the ends, leftover from a summer "highlighting" experiment). I had my 4 month old niece, Mary, with me and as soon as Chris saw her he said something like, "oh, what a cute baby." I said something like, "yeah, I know...wish I could claim her as mine, but I can't, she's my niece" and he kindly laughed a bit. It was probably his laugh that earned that random moment a spot in my memory.

I remember this incident, although I only associated it with Brittney long after we had become friends and she shared with me the first time she remembered me. Mary was a cute kid, though, so I am sure the quote is accurate. Also, Brittney has always made me smile and laugh, so that part is surely true as well.

Me with Mary outside my apartment at Victoria Place

The next time I remember seeing him was a month or so later. I was with my niece (again) and my sister where her car got stuck in the treacherous Provo ditches. I asked him and his roommates if they'd help lift her car out and they happily obliged. To say thank you, the next day I made them a batch of Sandra's infamous homemade oreos. They loved the cookies so much they all wrote me TONS of little notes in church the next day. Chris had one that said, "do you know how awesome you are? I do." Naturally those notes made me excited and I thought, wow, I just made a bunch of cute guy friends. Enter Christmas Break.

This paragraph requires a bit of an explanation. First, helping cars out of ditches was something we got to do a lot with how deep the ditches are in that part of Provo. I always enjoyed the challenge of figuring out how to get a massive vehicle out, especially when we were few in number. I definitely remember the oreos Brittney made (in deed, how could I forget such scrumptiosity?) During this time our ward had a “Complement Can” and small pieces of paper upon which a person could write something nice about someone else, and then it would be delivered to them. Somehow, probably because we got a little bored at times in Elders Quorum, we (my roommates and I) would write lots and lots of notes for someone each week. We always thought it would be fun for someone to get just an absurd number of notes. If I remember right, we had 4 roommates, and we would often each write 20+, giving someone around 70% of the total notes the ward produced. We often selected cool girls from our FHE group or just random friends from the ward. Anyways, to get back to the point, after the amazing cookies, there was a natural choice for complement recipient of the week.

Over Christmas I often thought of Chris and his roommates (I hadn't as yet realized I liked Chris the best). The first Sunday back I got excited as I saw them in the hallway and then felt totally trampled as they didn't even recognize me. So I threw all those notes away.

Not that it excuses anything, but hopefully our frequent note writing explains our behavior somewhat. I am still sad that she threw them all away, I would be humored to see what all the different notes were.

to be continued...

A pre-brittney Chris


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I'm hanging on the edge of my seat here! post the end quick!!!

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no kidding...keeep going :O)

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I'm loving this! I've heard bits and pieces but I can't wait for the rest!