Monday, February 16, 2009

Part 3

We see each other every day, learn more about each other, and (sort-of) hold hands.

Sometime later that week, I got up the courage to knock on VP12's door, just to say hi. Chris was the only one home. He was lounging in one of their couches after coming home from some sport-game. He was sweaty and had on his green warm-up pants with his sweat head band holding back his long hair. He ended up playing the first 30 seconds or so of ALL of his favorite songs that I didn't recognize the title of. He had A LOT of favorite songs I didn't recognize but I politely listened to it all and gave appropriate comments like, "oh, yeah that does sound cool." even if I didn't super mean it. I was just surprised to hear him open up and talk so much, I'd say anything to get him to continue.... it didn't take much.

Sometimes I feel sad that I unleashed on Brittney like that, but she did a good job of politely feigning interest. I guess in the big picture, now she knows most of that music almost as well as me!
I don't remember all of what was in that musical barrage, but here were some of the key components: radiohead, weezer, radiohead, dashboard confessional, hum, and did I mention radiohead?

A day or so later, I was over at my brother's house with my sister-in-law, Ashley doing our habitual Thursday Cooking Nights. She was graciously teaching me how to cook since I'd never touched raw meat until then, my sophomore year in college. Chris called my cell phone and asked if I'd like to go to a Hip Hop symposium on campus with him and Steve. They picked me up and we went and listened to a lecture on the history of Hip Hop. I sat in between the boys and waited for the chill to creep up my spine every time Chris' knees touched mine. We then roamed the rooms upstairs where loud music blasted and people danced. It was funny to watch Chris and Steve bust their moves. They liked acting uncoordinated/silly even though they both could dance just normal whenever they chose.

At this point, Brittney had definitely obtained “coolest girl the apartment knows” status, and was our first option for hanging out. I felt that I had a special connection with her (after my music-a-thon) and had such fun being around her.

That Saturday was Valentines Day and my cousin Carli was in town staying with me. I was sad I couldn't show her a really fun "college" scene for it since I didn't have any hot dates lined up. Chris and his roommates surprised us around 10pm by coming over with a deck of cards. We played games the rest of the night until midnight. Good old Honor Code.

Like I said, she was definitely our favorite person to be around.

On Monday, there was a baby shower for Ashley at my apartment and my whole family was in town for it. Chris and his cousins/roommates stopped by at the end for the extra food. I desperately wanted Chris to talk a lot to my parents so they could meet him, and while he did talk with them a little, he mainly just played with cute Mary. He really enjoys being around kids.

What can I say, I can’t pass up time with a cute little ba
by. It was fun to meet Brittney's family, in a very non-confrontational way.

At the baby shower

We saw each other almost every day that week. Friday I was over at their apartment, as it came to be habit, and watched Long Summer or whatever that surfing movie/documentary is called. Chris had his head in my lap and I was messing with his hair, then tickling his arm and all of a sudden he moved his hands to cover mine. I didn't pull my hand away and he didn't move his. Of course as soon as the movie stopped, Chris sat up and it didn't happen again that night.

The movie is actually called “The Endless Summer,” a magnificent film. My roommates and I got on an “Endless Summer” kick and showed it to anyone who came over for about 3 weeks. A really fine film, if you haven’t seen it. Very relaxing and just inspiring. And perfect for the subtle hand-touch.

what a great movie


MandaMommy said...

Keep em coming!

trogonpete said...

you guys have no idea how fun it is to read these. part four, any time.

lrbodine said...

So fun to read these stories - and I loved in one of the pictures seeing Ryan Lillywhite (Chris's cousin). Ryan's sister was my roommate for 4 years at BYU and will always be one of my best friends! You married into a great family!


lrbodine said...

So fun to read these stories - and I loved in one of the pictures seeing Ryan Lillywhite (Chris's cousin). Ryan's sister was my roommate for 4 years at BYU and will always be one of my best friends! You married into a great family!


Carli said...

:) This is so fun to read Britt! Especially since I was honored to witness some of it first-hand. Are you going to tell about when you dropped all of your homework to go and see his game? And then he gave you "the look".... haha good times.

brittany said...

these are so fun to read, but I bet they are even more fun for yall to remember together. Can't wait to hear how the story ends!

Amy said...

Good work, Chris. It took me the first 4 years of our marriage to get Paul to love Radiohead.