Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Part 4

SHORT AND SWEET VERSION PART FOUR: We go on a triple date, although not with each other and then find out we are liked by the other.

The next day, Saturday, Steve still needed a date for their triple date and so I canceled a date (at least I thought I did, turned out the guy never got the message and he still came by to pick me up) and went with him. I watched Chris be a perfect gentleman to his date (a girl his cousins set him up with because they were "perfect for each other" = they were both tall) while all the time I wished he was paying all his attentions to me. Chris did show a little extra favor to me by giving me a big hug when cutting onions made my eyes water so bad I was practically sobbing and also when he placed us around the table for dinner (we were at his parents house). We sat next to each other on one side with our dates on either side.

Truth be told, I was the one that suggested to Steve that he invite Brittney. I don't know that I thought the whole thing through completely, but I did know that I would rather be around Brittney than not. I think I was beginning to be very conscious of Brittney and desiring of her attention and affection, and so I was careful to interact with her where appropriate. But at the same time, my roommates had been raving about this "perfect date" for so long that I felt I had to give her a chance as well, to be fair to Steve and Ryan. I am taller than both of them, and they always would go on about how they hated it when tall guys would date short girls, because then who are the shorter guys going to date?

Steve and Chris at their grandma's egg farm

Steve and I still had fun but by the end of the night I was a little depressed. Chris' date was tall, funny, blond, nice, and an excellent piano player. Steve, not knowing my crush on Chris, kept trying to bait me into commenting on his and Ryan's awesome match-making skills: "weren't Chris and whats-her-name having so much fun together? weren't they perfect for each other? shouldn't Chris totally date her?" Unfortunately, the answers were all "yes." Because the girl lived a few blocks from our apartment, Chris walked her home while Steve walked me home, while Ryan took his date home. My roommates were all excited to hear how the date went. They all were in on my love affair with VP12 and they each had ideas on which guy I should like the most. Carol wanted me to like Ryan, Suzy couldn't decide between Ryan and Steve and Lacey liked Chris. By now, though, they knew I liked Chris. Anyway, I moped in the apartment, saying as little as possible to them and closeted myself in the bathroom to think over the night. Seconds later there was a knock on the door and I heard, "Britt, its Chris"

The most important person for me on the date was already Brittney, and I just needed to touch base with her before the night was over, without the other girl around. At this point I already needed to be around her as much as possible.

VP3 all G-ed up for a silly party: Carol, Suzy, Lacey and me

We talked at the table about how the date went and I tried to act the good friend. I think he still only thought of me as a cool girl friend person at this point. When asked how he thought the date with that girl went, he said, "I can never tell when a girl likes me" and being a straightforward person I lightheartedly said, "Well, I like you Chris." Not understanding the deeper meaning he gave a noncommittal grunt and said, "Oh, its midnight I better go." AH! I could've died, why do I say such things? Good thing he didn't seem to notice. He seemed to want to talk longer so he asked if I'd walk him to his door. I just wanted to be done for the night, but I couldn't say no to more "chris-time" so I did and ended up hinting that I might have meant it when I said," I like you, Chris." I know he got the hint, but he's not the type of person to say something without really meaning it so he just smiled, gave me a hug and walked me back to my door.

This is probably one of the more frequently referred to episodes from our dating story. It was only natural that the topic of conversation be the date that we had just completed, and while I had a good time with my date, the more important concern was Brittney's feelings. I think my response of "I can never tell when a girl likes me" was partly an attempt to get out of having to discuss my feelings towards the other girl. The hard thing to convince people of is how naturally, quickly, and matched to the conversation Brittney's "well, I like you chris" was. It was very easy, and in my opinion natural, to interpret this as a friendly comment showing support. It was very clear very soon that Brittney meant something different (based on her reaction, and once I had a chance to fully parse her statement), but the curfew had come and I had to go home. But I could not leave our interaction at the stage it was at, we needed some sort of conclusion. So, I invited her to walk me home. She then commented on how she always said too much, and by now I knew there must have been something to her comment. I was so flattered and grateful to have such a girl like me that I gave her a big hug and walked her home. The date had definitely been a success, but not in the way my roommates had intended.

The next Sunday, Chris wrote me a bunch of Compliment Can notes again and one said, “I like you too.” We kept seeing each other a lot and I'm not sure how it got to this point, but somehow we were open about the fact that I would gladly date him if he wanted and if he didn't we could just be friends. I honestly really felt that way. I had a good friend on a mission who I was happy to think about, but I thought Chris was really fun to be around and I wouldn't mind dating him either. It was kind of a joke between us. I occasionally made comments like, "why don't you just date me?"

By this point it was obvious to us and I am sure anyone else who cared to notice that we both liked each other. I was so glad to be such good friends with a girl I liked and to have her like me back. What fun.

to be continued...


Amy said...

Brave, Brittney.

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Hey!! We found you! So good to see your cute little family!