Monday, February 23, 2009

Part 6 of 7

SHORT AND SWEET VERSION PART SIX: We have our first kiss and start dating.

LONG VERSION PART SIX: Anyway, Chris had been meaning to take out the little sister of a friend for a long time and had it scheduled for that Friday since before he met me (its only been about 3 weeks since the snowball fight). We were still hanging out almost every day talked about his "other girl interests" as if they were only something to be taken care of and done with. He was giving me all his extra time and attention. The attracting electricity between us kept growing and growing. A few times, when we found ourselves close, Chris would look into my eyes expectantly, but I refused to kiss him first. Like a lot of things between us, it became a joke/game: both of us trying to tempt the other one into making the first move. Friday came and he went off to Salt Lake for his date and I can’t remember what I did during it. I probably hung out with my siblings.

This date had been planned and discussed for quite a while. My roommates and I had a friend from our freshman ward, and she had a younger sister who they thought would be good for me to date. Anyways, I had been looking forward to it, until I met Brittney, but I couldn't just cancel or anything, so off I went. My cousin Steve doubled with our freshman ward friend, and I went with the little sister. I had fun, but nothing compared to being with Brittney.

The next day, Saturday, he came over or called in the afternoon and it was as if his date had finally closed all the gates behind us; things between us picked up where we left them Friday afternoon. We were playing a little one on one with my roommate’s mini basketball hoop on my apartment’s front door. Steve was with us playing Nintendo trying to beat Aladdin. We got tired and I sat on the couch and Chris laid down with his head in my lap reading parts of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance to me. Steve left, probably disgusted with our “hidden” game, and it wasn’t many minutes later that Chris stopped reading, reached up and kissed me. I triumphantly shouted, “I didn’t do it!” and then proceeded to give Chris the best kiss he’d ever had.

Thinking back, it probably was helpful for me somehow to get other girls out of the way and have only Brittney in my future. The electricity was quite powerful, and in the end, I couldn't resist. It was a pretty amazing kiss (I almost went into shock because of its greatness, but that is a story to be told in person).

That kiss was all fine and good, but what did it mean? Chris had asked to take me out on a real date to see Concert of Concertos that next Friday so he told me he’d let me know then if he wanted to exclusively date. Luckily it didn’t take that long. The next day he was talking to a friend on the phone while I was nearby and I heard him say, “oh nothing, just hanging out with my girlfriend…..yeah, we sort of just started dating.” His smile and lifted eyebrows when he looked to make sure I was listening told me that he was referring to me and that if I still wanted we could date. Yes, I still wanted.

I think that the more Brittney has gotten to know me, the more she has found out that my decision making process just takes a while sometimes.

We're dating! And on our way to my friend Libby's wedding reception

Things still felt a little uncertain for some reason. We hadn’t really held hands yet and so when we found ourselves walking home from the library in a light rain late one night that week, Chris took advantage of the perfect conditions and we held hands all the way to our apartments until he saw some people from our ward getting out of their car and he promptly let go. I was a little sad, but also a bit appreciative because I had a reason for wanting it to stay low-key for a while.

This was a very fun and memorable walk home from the library. I have never been one for PDA, having not really had a serious girlfriend long enough have much opportunity around peers for that sort of thing. This was fairly new territory for me, luckily Brittney didn't take it the wrong way.

See, a day or two after the snowball fight, I was at a dance with some friends from the ward and a nice girl, Julie, says to me, “I notice you hanging out with VP12 a lot. Are you good friends?” I said, “well, we just really met this week, but they are really cool guys, I’m sure I’ll be good friends with them soon.” Julie confessed to liking Chris and I happily told her I’ll put in a good word for her, since at that point I didn’t know I liked him. So during that almost-dating stage, Julie would see Chris and I talking and come join us, thinking I was trying to hook her up, when really I just wanted him for myself. To my credit, I did tell Chris that she was a cool girl and interested. Although that might have been after we were already dating… I can’t remember.

This story still cracks me up, and I think Brittney definitely didn't say anything until after we were dating. Not that it would have made any difference had it happened any other way.


Libby said...

i love reading all about your love story. it is so fun. i even made it into the story (kind of)- i am guessing that libby was me!

Amy said...

That part about Julie is straight from Shakespeare or Jane Austin.

thom said...

does this mean there is only 1 more part? let's hear it.

Radene said...

This is really fun to read Britt, and remember those pictures you've posted. I'm grateful I was able to be at that shower and remember with you little tid bits along the way. I enjoy how you are 'honestly' telling your story, that makes it fun to read. Chris is lucky to have you! (And you're lucky too) ;-)