Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Time out...

A quick time-out from our love story. While I wait for Chris to add his comments to the next part of our story, I'll write about our fun Valentines Day dinner. We stayed at home and put the kids down and then cooked a nice meal together. We made chicken coconut curry, with fancy basmati rice and naan, topped off with raspberry-vanilla trifle for dessert. We didn't buy each other anything or go out since we just had an IKEA purchase recently. Dinner was SO good. It was perfect and good to know that we can have an enjoyable evening just staying at home, being together.

Both the chicken coconut curry and naan recipes came from I love that site. The naan was so soft and chewy and the curry was simple and sweet but full of spice.

Pea and Almond Pulao
(the fancy basmati rice - from the Woodward Family cookbook)

3 TB vegetable oil 3 cups water
1 small yellow onion 1 tsp salt
1 TB cumin seed 1/4 cup frozen peas
1 tsp black pepper 1/4 cup toasted almonds
1 1/2 c Basmati Rice

Wash and drain rice 3 times to remove starch and foreign debris. With burner on high,heat oil in heavy duty brasier. Add onion and cook until translucent (not brown), about 2 minutes. Add cumin seed and black pepper and stir until bloomed, 1 minute. Add rice and stir, 3 minutes. Add water and salt--stir well. Let rice boil on medium heat until all liquid is gone. Turn off heat. Cover with lid. Let stand 20 minutes. Fluff rice gently with a fork. Before serving gently toss in toasted almonds and peas.

Heavenly Trifle
(Also from the Woodward Family Cookbook)

2 large packages Jello vanilla pudding (not instant) or home-made custard
1 TB almond extract 1 tsp rum flavoring
3 (10 oz) pkg. frozen raspberries, thawed 1 medium-sized angle food cake
3 TB cornstarch 3 TB water
1 pint whipping cream 1/2 c powdered sugar

At least 6 hours before assembling trifle, prepare vanilla pudding or custard (home-made custard tastes the best). Add almond extract and cool in covered bowl in refrigerator. Heat raspberries just to boiling, and add cornstarch which has been mized with the water. Cool in refrigerator in covered container. Two or three hours before serving, whip cream. Add powdered sugar and rum extract. In crystal bowl or sherbet glasses, break angel food cake into bite size pieces. Cover raspberries with vanilla pudding. Next layer sweetened whipped cream. Makes approximately 20 servings.

Alec always tries to be close to Charlie and do what he is doing, even if its just relaxing in the red chair. Usually, Charlie doesn't mind.


Ryan + Jess said...

Those dishes look yummy! We will have to try them out. I love that website, too. It always comes through with great recipes. Fun way to celebrate Valentines - that is what we did too!

dixie said...

I can't wait to try the recipes--your naan looks so much better than mine turns out. I'll try again. And such cute pictures of your boys.

brittany said...

it must be an Archibald thing to stay in for Valentines. It really beats fighting the crowds. That dinner looks amazing. We will have to try it since all attempts ever made at making curry has failed within our household. Thanks for sharing!