Friday, March 13, 2009

He's Back and Rolling Over

**Sorry, Charlie - this is bound to be a classic i-can't-believe-my-mom's-telling-this-story post. **

Just the next day after my "solid food=solid sleep" post, Charlie made me eat my words. Recently he's been waking up so much and not hardly sleeping longer than 10 min at a time during the day. Its been rough to say the least. See, I guess the rice cereal kind of plugged up his system because he went over a week without a messy diaper. By the end of that period he was fussing all the time, and passing gas and acting miserable! I was on the phone with a nurse when he started grunting and working on something! Hooray! I've never been more happy to change a messy diaper. Now my sweet, happy Charlie is back. More good news, Charlie rolled over for the first time by himself last week, from his back to his front. Now, according to Chris, he can also roll over from his tummy to his back! He s growing up so fast. A recent favorite activity of his is toe sucking. I know, gross and impossible for most of us, but I guess his chubby, clean toes taste pretty good because he can never get enough.


Ryan + Jess said...

That picture of him sucking on his toe is adorable!

Not sleeping more than 10 minutes? ROUGH! I'm so sorry! That makes it sooo hard to get anything done. I'm glad he's back to being happy.

dixie said...

It's crazy how flexible babies are. The pictures are sooo cute! I'm glad you've got the real Charlie back!

Aaron and Cera said...

Is is sooo adorable! He is such a good mix between you two.. I love the fascination with toes- its so cute!

nethaby said...

Aw britt i love your baby! he is adorable! :)

<3, Bethany

Radene said...

beautiful baby, cute picts of the little guy!