Friday, March 13, 2009

smiley face

Alec likes to find and draw smiley faces. He first draws a circle and then proceeds to scribble all over it so you can hardly tell what it is. The other day was an exception. He was using sidewalk chalk and drew an AMAZING smiley face. I got so excited I busted out the camera and even labeled the picture so others could understand what he drew.

These are both just typical Alec looks. He was so proud of his drawing, it was sweet to see. Oh, and enjoy his awesome hair since I just cut it last night. I still tried to keep it semi-long and was only marginally successful. The kid's got a "I can do it myself, but really I can't and shouldn't even try" type of mother. Poor boy.

1 comment:

The A Team said...

What a sweet boy!
You'll get the hair cutting nack (sp?) I'm sure!