Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Spring is here in California! We get some warm days and some cold(ish) ones.  We've had my brother Justin stay with us for a few days while attending a symposium here at Stanford.  We love having him to ourselves. The same weekend my sister was in San Francisco for a Choir Trip and we went up to hear her perform in the Grace Cathedral. Its was gorgeous. We walked outside our back door a few days ago and noticed a birds nest with 4 eggs in our stroller two feet outside our door! Luckily it was our old stroller we no longer use so we're not worried about it. We tried to unscrew the cup holder (where the nest is built) and move it farther away but then watched as the Mama bird couldn't find it. We moved it back and now she's happy and getting used to us enough to no longer hurriedly flap away whenever we walk out our door. We can get within a few feet and she'll still just stay on her eggs watching us. I'm excited to share this whole egg-to-baby-bird process with Alec.  I love Spring.  

We drove to Utah yesterday to party with Chris' family for Spring Break. Most of them haven't met Charlie yet and he's too cute to keep to ourselves.


Ryan + Jess said...

UTAH!!! How fun for you guys! Hope you made it there ok and that you are having a fun party time. Don't miss us too much! I am so jealous.

brittany said...

We do appreciate you sharing the boys with us. We were so excited to see little Charlie for the first time, and he sure didn't let us down. Such a cutie!