Wednesday, May 6, 2009

fun visitors

Its been crazy busy and crazy fun around here. I went to my cousin Carli's wedding last weekend and then came home to a full house. Thom and Brittany have been visiting us for the past week or so. They are so helpful and a blast to be with. Alec loves having them here. He is always asking where they are and telling them "Yoot, BiteeTom! I show you sompting" He says their names together as one. It is incredibly cute. I'll let the pictures and captions give more details of their visit.

Snuggle/play time with Charlie

Hike to Russian Ridge where we could see both the Bay and the Pacific Ocean

A trip to Filoli Estates and Gardens

Trophy ceremony for the Inaugural Bay-Area Championship, of the AGA tour.

Alec's first visit of the Oakland Temple


dixie said...

We're so glad that you had a great time together. We wish we could have been there too! We looked at all Thom's amazing pictures last night. We laughed and laughed at the ones of Alec, Chris and Thomas on Pebble Beach green posing with their putters! Incredibly cute. And I love the "yoot, biteethom..." from Alec. What a delight!

thom said...

it was such a great time! I think its funny that you and brittany put a lot of the same pictures on and captions too, and i don't think brittany had seen this before. Anyway, it was a greatly fun time.