Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Betteridge Blast 09

My family's skit: A dance tribute to Michael Jackson

Not only did my immediate family have a reunion this past week, but we piggy-backed it with an extended Betteridge family reunion. Talk about fun: pools, bike rides, movies, root beer floats, play grounds, ultimate frisbee, mountain biking, hot tubs, lava caves, golf, surfing simulator, crafts, shopping, pizza, skit night, pasta, and probably the most anticipated activity for me, the 1/2 marathon race. We truly did have a blast.

Inside the lava cave (Sarah, Loren/Merlene's family, Jordan, Ethan, Chris, Me, Alec and Charlie)

Alec and his cousins walking around Sunriver Village (Alec, Cameron, Ethan, Tyler, Mary and Andrew)

The flow rider / surfing simulator. Too many cousins to name, but they're all family.
Chris surfing!
Some of the racers. Mom, Dad, Me, Loren, Merlene, Ben, Kelsey, Marshall, Anthony, Jordan
Nicole, Me and Amanda... Pre-race (thats why we're standing up straight and smiling) I'll do a post with more race details later
Tribute to Michael Jackson movie


Barb: said...

How did the half marathon go? I'm eager to hear! Way to go for doing it-- you should be proud!

brittany said...

Wow, yall sure were busy! But you have got to tell us more about the half marathon. You can't just glaze over it like that. Your adoring fans need details.

Radene said...

love love love the pictures Britt! Only wish we could have been there to see everything in person!

Amy said...

Sounds like a ball. Also, I dig the running skirt.

MandaMommy said...

Love the video! You make a great Michael Jackson! :o)

Barb: said...

One more comment--you look fabulous!

merilee said...

It was so fun to see you and your cute family! You really DO look awesome :)

Liam, Kimberly, and Keegan said...

You have such a cool family. Brittney, you look fantastic by the way and I am so impressed that you ran a half marathon! I really hate running, but I think it would be cool and a great accomplishment for me to run in something...even just a 5K...maybe I'll have to ask you for advice!