Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Play School

So all of us moms decided to take a summer break from our co-op Playschool. We started the year with 7 kids and ended with 5. Its been sad but a bit of a stress-relief. My week feels more open although it sure is more boring for Alec. I've tried to still come up with fun things to do. Last week, we rode the bus to the Stanford Shopping Center and rode the escalators at Bloomingdale's, threw pennies in the fountain and played/ate ice cream at McDonald's then rode the bus home. We also went berry picking at a somewhat local u-pick farm and made strawberry freezer jam. This week its been less eventful. We've basically just done our usual once-a-week library run, watered the garden and played outside. Maybe if it gets hot enough we'll bust out the kiddie pools and have some fun in swimming suits. Oh, which reminds me. At Bloomingdale's we had to walk through their summer dress section to get to the escalators. Besides being scared of the mannequins, Alec pointed to a strapless short dress and said, "oOOoo swimming suit! pretty swimming suit." Some of them practically were swimming suits. What a cute, modest little boy.


Radene said...

I am amazed you got them all to sit for this picture. Cute. Sounds like you're doing the same things we are. Carter loves the escalator whenever we go to burlington coat factory.

Heather said...

Alec stands out to me as such a darling golden boy!! Here's another example of his being golden inside as well as out!!