Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Its been somewhat of a rough week. I guess you could call it a bad case of the post-vacation blues. As a result, we both wanted to keep the Independence Day festivities fairly low key. We went to our ward breakfast/program Saturday morning where Alec saw people dressed up (really authentically) as George Washington, Betsy Ross and Abraham Lincoln. Alec was, as you guessed, scared of them and said really loud, "Mommy, don't I yike doze dies." This is another example of why I'm glad Alec-ese is not something easily understood by the casual listener. We had a really yummy and fun BBQ with some friends for dinner, played kickball and did some toddler-friendly "fireworks": wanna-be-sparklers, snakes and a few strobe ones. Then as any lame and tired parent would do, we put our kids to bed around 8:00. Regardless of our low-key celebration, I am extremely proud and honored to be an American. I love our country and I'm grateful for our founding fathers' courage and insight, and for the men and women who have defended our freedoms. Happy Independence Day.

Alec, Charlie and I made a 4th of July fireworks painting complete with glitter. Ok, Charlie didn't help much but he sure enjoyed it!
Charlie's first bike ride.
Charlie was actually having fun until we took the picture.
"So big!" is one of Charlie's first tricks.


tericksen said...

I LOVE the boys in cute. That's actually a really amazing fireworks masterpiece you created. Bravo. (And for the record, we usually put our kids to bed early on the 4th, too! It's just easier)

dixie said...

Sounds like the perfect holiday. The pictures are wonderful. Charlie is growing up too fast.

Ryan + Jess said...

Charlie looks so much like his big brother. Those boys are so cute and it looks like your holiday was a fun, relaxing day!

Chris...about that Timpview soccer shirt. I saw Rob Dahl a few times while in Provo and he is now coaching both Timpview soccer teams. He asked if I would wear it for him to 'advertise' and I said sure. For a free t-shirt? Sure. Ryan was supposed to wear one but it was too big.