Monday, July 20, 2009

Its been a while

Yes, it has. Chris did a fantastic job presenting his paper at the IJCAI conference and workshop in Pasadena. (So I heard. I wish I could've seen it myself but I think with the two kids we would've been a tiny distraction) He also made some good contacts; one of which being with the VP of Disney Research.

The boys and I enjoyed our hotel and some local kid-friendly places in Pasadena. We've got loads of pictures and I'm tempted to do small, frequent posts about the trip to stretch it out, but we all know that I rarely follow through with my declarations to post more later. So maybe I'll throw them all on here. On second thought, I should use this nap time a little more productively so I'll just post some "fun in the hotel" pictures on here and save the rest for subsequent posts... I PROMISE!

This picture was taken from me standing on our HUGE and comfy king sized bed. We had Charlie in the pack n' play in the corner and Alec had a little tent/bed under the desk. We all knelt around the small table for meals and ate here most of the time thanks to cereal, bagels, PB and J and microwave mac n' cheese.

The boys' favorite hotel past time was to drive around these wind-up cars. They also enjoyed throwing balls into the ice bucket acting as proxy for a basketball hoop and looking out the window at the pool 2 stories down.

COMING UP NEXT: Pasadena Kidspace Museum...

SIDE NOTE - In other big news, Charlie has a tooth! He's putting everything in his mouth like crazy and thinks its a game when I say, "Not in your mouth, Charlie!" while swatting the leaf, stick, rock, or shoe away from his face.


Heather said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures!! Such darling boys...driving cars is certainly the classic playtime anytime, anywhere :)

dixie said...

We're so glad that your vacation/conference turned out well. We love ALL the pictures--such beautiful boys and so many wonderful adventures.