Thursday, August 20, 2009

More from Tiff's visit

We really had a lot of fun with my sister, Tiffany and her kids. The kids had a sorta rough first day where they were getting used to the dynamics of each other but by the middle and through to the end of their visit the kids really played so well together! Especially Andrew and Alec. It was so cute to see. I even think that getting experience playing with Mary, who is 6 and is starting to develop good problem solving skills, has helped him get along better with his friends. Instead of getting in a rut and just yelling the same thing in a conflict (ie. No, lets use THIS frisbee! No, lets use THIS frisbee!) he'll be ok with switching or turn taking (ie. ok, first THIS frisbee, then that one). Not least of all the benefits of their visit, was the fun sister time. Thanks for braving the drive and single parenthood for a week, Tiffany... we loved having you. Also, let this be an idea seed to other family and friends about how fun visits to us can be! We'd love to have you ALL come. Just at different times since our apartment about exploded with the 7 of us.

We got the baby tub out so the kids could wash off their hands and feet after painting and Charlie got so excited splashing in from the side, he put caution to the wind and crawled right in by himself! It looked so fun Alec joined him before I could get his swimming suit on and being in the water with his clothes on reminded him of something we talked about that morning. Check out the video for his comment and to see Charlie's splashing enthusiasm.


We made a bed for Alec on the floor and a pack 'n play for Charlie in our room so Tiffany could use the boys' room for her and her family. Bedtime was especially cute and not as difficult as it could've been. I love Mary's expression in this picture... Chris is a wonderful storyteller.


Ryan + Jess said...

That picture of the three boys in the tub is priceless. So cute!!

Looks like so much fun. We miss you guys!

MandaMommy said...

I couldn't tell what he said...?

brittney said...

"I'm getting baptized"

Heather said...

I'd love more details about the discussion that you & Alec had about Baptism...

Such adorable splashing and fun cousin time! Chris, will you come read us some stories too??