Sunday, September 27, 2009

First football game

We can hear the band practicing from our house and Alec always notices and then says he wants to see it. When we got free football tickets, I told Alec a few days before that we'd get to see the band at the football game. He talked about it non-stop. We left really early because we thought Alec and Charlie would enjoy alot of the pre-game practicing and knowing that the game started at 6:00 we'd be ready to go home to bed fairly soon after it started.

Alec loved watching everything. Charlie loved walking down the isle banging on the seats.

We had a blast, until the band came out. He was scared of the Stanford Tree.

And then he was scared of the pre-game show, and then he and Charlie were nervous of all the screaming during the game. Especially since we returned the opening kick-off for a touchdown. We left after the first quarter while we were all still in good spirits.


Ryan + Jess said...

I love and miss so much college football. Ryan is going through withdrawals without it. How fun that you got to go to a game. And when you say Charlie is you mean walking, walking? Because if Austin hasn't started crawling yet. I'll have to work on him so he won't be too behind at Christmas time!

And way to go Brit on another stellar race! You are my hero.

dixie said...

This post really made me laugh. So much anticipation of wonderful things--and then the reality of it being loud, and unfamiliar, and just a bit scary. What a fun story. And the pictures are wonderful!

Heather said...

For so many years I've been yelling, Go Blue!! Now I can add, Go Red! and think of you there at Stanford :)

Your boys are just adorable, as ever.