Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Home Safe

We had quite the adventurous weekend. Chris ran in the Hood to Coast 12-person team relay with my parents siblings and extended family up in Northern/Coastal Oregon. He was one of the leaders in the "kid" van and basically was in charge of keeping times, navigating and overall directing of that 1st van. He ran in the 6th slot and his three legs were about 7 miles, 4 miles, and 5 miles and averaged under 9 min miles for all legs and even 8 min miles for his longest leg!! He is amazing. I'm so proud of him and happy that he had this fun experience. I think he's planning on doing a longer post with more details a bit later.

I watched the boys and hung out with Chris' extended family. His cousin Skyler lives in Beaverton with his wife Chelsea and baby Hailey. Alec and Charlie both loved playing at their house. Then I drove to the coast at Seaside and stayed with Chris' Uncle and Aunt, Lynn and Joell. Alec and Charlie really loved playing there too: footballs, barking stuffed dogs and the beach! The scary part was our car had troubles mid-way there but I made it safe to their house at least and camped out there until Chris' finished his last leg and joined me and the boys.

With lots of assistance and support from Chris' Aunt and Uncle, we got our car towed to a Honda dealership back near Portland and waited a few days for it to get fixed before driving it back home last night. It was a bit of a hassle and headache but it couldn't have happened any more fortuitously. We're feel so blessed, happy to be home, and tired from driving through the night.

Here is one picture to get you excited for Chris' upcoming post!


lrbodine said...

My dad was just telling me about this adventure last weekend! Looks and sounds like an experience for sure.

Ryan + Jess said...

Christopher James Archibald, WAY TO GO! That is so awesome! You guys are such a fit, cute couple. Good work this summer with all your amazing exercising adventures.

Ryan's sister did a similar thing with her husband and family called the Ragnar Relay. Sounds so intense, but I'm sure it is pretty cool!

Heather said...

Chris, you did such an awesome job!! and Britt, your own marathon adventure with your car, drive, and kids at the beach... impressive :)

Love you all<3