Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Climbing Machine

Charlie is a climbing machine! His favorite feats are: the kitchen stool, Alec's trike, the bike trailer, the bathroom stool, and any kid chair. I have to be so careful because he is so fast! If I've forgotten to fold up and put away the kitchen stool RIGHT after I'm done using it, I'll usually be reminded 30 seconds later when I hear Charlie whining/grunting because he's stuck at the top. When I rescue him and put him back on the ground he throws a fit because I took him off. Silly, cute, kid. He is growing up too fast.

1 comment:

dixie said...

He should have some kind of warning noises when he's climbing up on things so you can beware of what he is up to. Good luck keeping up with him. What a cute, cute boy.