Friday, October 9, 2009

Its the end of the world

Well, not really. Alec is just not wanting to take his nap. Instead of sleeping, he'll jump up and down, make lots of noise until Charlie wakes up and then he'll climb in/around Charlie's crib playing with him. Ahhhh! So is this the end of my personal time? Luckily the answer is no. My friend, Amy, shared a brilliant space-saving-nap-trick with me. I have a linen closet at the top of my stairs that, with the door open, transforms into a cozy cubby when sectioned off by a baby gate. I've cleaned out the bottom floor and shelf of the closet and filled it with some toys and books. So now, if Alec acts up, I can transfer him to his cubbie where he can just play quietly (inevitably falling asleep) in a small space, apart from "my space" downstairs. Its wonderfully non-apocalyptic around here.


dixie said...

Genius! Thank goodness nap time is not a thing of the past yet!

Amy said...

Yippee, my idea made it into your blog! I felt very resourceful when I came up with it. :) And, thanks so much for the invite today, and your lesson. You're amazing.