Friday, November 13, 2009

little decisions

The other night, Chris had to stay late and arrived just barely in time to leave to go pick up the missionaries for dinner. Then directly after dinner he had to drive the missionaries home and go straight to school for more TA work. It was a long day, busy dinner prep/house cleaning and I felt fully justified to put on a movie for the boys to kill that long hour between dinner and bedtime.

Then. I remembered my sis-in-law's recent blog post about lessons learned through the recent, surprising and tragic death of her (and Chris' ) cousin. She said something about being present and playing with her kids. It got me thinking how precious my own children are, and how my time would be better spent in giving them attention and basking in their youthful energy and joy. So Alec, Charlie and I blasted country music (something we can't do with Chris home) and played an ABC cake-walk game with leftover Halloween candy. That evolved, of course, into a dance off. Not only did I burn all the Halloween candy calories with my crazy dancing but I spent an hour watching my boys smile. Something I don't do enough. Thanks, Jess, for the post. Thanks, Heavenly Father, for my wonderful, vivacious, sweet boys.

I know I will choose the movie another time ... I just hope I decide to chose the dance-off more often.

The unrelated picture for this post: We took the boys to the Stanford Golf Course practice greens on Halloween. Alec really takes his golf seriously and could've stayed for hours. Charlie liked taking the flags in and out


Heather said...

great choice, Britt <3

Ryan + Jess said...

Oh, Brit that was beautiful. And it sounds so fun. I'm sure your kids loved it and you created a wonderful memory for them. It is the hardest to do it on those long days when you are alone. Love you guys!

brittany said...

You just brought tears to my eyes with that story. Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to have my boy here to play with. And I can totally relate with the country music. Its definitely not Thom's favorite either.