Sunday, November 8, 2009

protective big brother

The other day out on the playground, Alec was pushing Charlie in the swing. Charlie just loves this because half the time Alec will fake get hit and do a silly reaction. This time, one of Alec's friends was digging in the sand nearby and he noticed if he held the shovel out just right, it would get close to touching Charlie's feet on Charlie's upswing. Alec thought that Charlie was going to get hit and immediately stopped Charlie's swing, scowled up his face and shouted, "Don't do that to my brother!" I didn't know whether to delight in the sweet brotherly love, or seriously suggest he use kind words. It was really cute. I couldn't help but smile.

Lest any of you get too jealous let me say that this picture was taken in the summer. No we're not wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirts still. We at least wear pants. :)


Michelle said...

That is so sweet. I love when kids start looking out for their siblings. It seems so long in coming sometimes! (At least it was for us!)

I also thought your comment about wearing pants was funny. Because here in AZ, we still are wearing shorts (although we had a cool spell a couple of weeks ago). Hopefully it will cool down soon! :)

Ryan + Jess said...

What a cute story.

And thanks for the comment about the shorts - I know it was directed to us up here :)

Barb: said...

Oh, that's awesome! What great brothers.

Anonymous said...

Um. Yeah, that picture does incur instant jealousy. Those boys are SO cute. You two are doing a fantastic job :)