Sunday, November 22, 2009

so excited

Alec could hardly wait for our Thanksgiving trip.  We had a countdown chain and everything. The night before, I told Alec that in the early morning I would wake him up before the sun woke up and carry him to the car with his blanket and we'd drive for a long time. He immediately said, "carry me to the car right now!" I told him that we had to wait for daddy to get home and then he said, "Set the timer, you carry me to the car. Set the microwave timer." Eventually I left his room and he was quiet. I continued packing and cleaning and about a hour later Chris got home and Alec was still moving around. Chris went in and Alec asked over and over about the timer, "timer ring yet?" It was almost another hour before Alec finally went to sleep. Excited? I think so.  We're all excited to see family.  


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I'm so glad you guys got to go. Only wish we were there. Thanksgiving just isn't the same without family. Have a good time!!