Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day

Alec got up around 6:30, climbed into our bed and said, "Is Santa here?" We had left cookies for him the night before and sure enough, just after 7:00 when we all walked out to the Christmas Tree, the plate of cookies were half eaten! We happily looked at our stockings and then ate some eggs and toast before starting in on the wrapped presents.

Alec and Charlie loved their animal towels. Here, again, Charlie is sporting the no-lip-brittney-smile.
Alec wanted to help everyone open their presents. Grandma and Grandpa were especially willing to have them help. Here they're opening the 70+ page photo book of their Sabbatical in Switzerland us kids made them.

Some presents: play tents and matching ties. I wrapped the ties separate and Chris was fooled into thinking I bought the ties. He kept turning his over, looking for a tag and even asked where I got it. When the boys opened their ties, he stared at me in surprise, knowing then that I had made them. Totally satisfying.

Thom and Brittany, at the behest of G-G Archibald took Alec out to feed the birds with some left over bread. The birds were a bit more health conscience then we thought, because they didn't gobble up the butter-fried bread but instead pecked on apples still hanging on the apple tree.

The gifts we'll remember most would probably be the letters Chris and I wrote to our boys with snippets of our testimonies. I'm thankful for the chance this season to think of Christ more. His life growing up and Mary and Joseph's story has particularly been running through my mind. I love the Christmas Season.

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Shelly Beth said...

Those ties are AWESOME! My husband would really love them! He calls them "fatty ties" and that is all he will wear, but are hard to find! Aubree does the same "no lip" smile. I call it her "old man face." Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas! I love the idea of testimony letters. I think I will have to steal that idea for next year!