Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a little party with some of the Woodward cousins Christmas Eve. We had Cheese balls, cookies, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches and chocolates. We did puzzles and sang Christmas Carols around the piano. It was really fun to have some extended family time.

Maybe the highlight of the day was Chris' candy canes. We actually had a candy thermometer this time! The dyed parts of cooled much faster than the rest so we had to keep putting them in the oven to heat up a bit enough for us to stretch/shape them just right. They sure taste really yummy.

Alec struggled a bit for 4 or 5 days to want to sit on the potty. I finally got him to try by letting him watch a Caillou episode on my ipod.

Christmas Jammies! Grandma Dixie found the grandkids some super cute and soft snowman pajamas. The photo shoot didn't last long at all, but not because of Charlie! He was hamming it up for the cameras. He'd walk within a foot of Thom's camera and just stare at it smiling and ignoring the bright flash. I know I'm partial but I think he is one of the most photogenic babies ever. We sang Jingle Bells and Great Grandma read us the Night Before Christmas, put the kids to bed then stayed up playing O Heck and talking.

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Shelly Beth said...

Love your crazy family pic! Isabelle has not wanted to use the potty ONCE since we have been in DE. It's annoying, isn't it?!? Just when I thought we were getting somewhere. And Aubree has been waking up at weird times. Vacations are not fun for sleep habits or potty training!