Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas in full swing

Our Ward Christmas Party, complete with full-sized gingerbread houses per family, tri-tip steak, and Santa Claus!

With all this rain and with Alec's potty training we've just been kept indoors for the last two weeks. The boys have had to use their imaginations for keeping themselves entertained. They figured out this fun game where Alec rolls the ball across the piano bench to Charlie who "catches" it and throws/bonces it back to Alec. Its so fun to see them play together.

I made this paper pocket advent calendar and it turned out a lot more fragile than I would've wanted, but we've had fun reading scriptures or Christmas stories each day. We also had our last courtyard party of the quarter this week. We roasted nuts and had a holiday/cultural potluck. It was cold and fun.
This has nothing to do with Christmas, but our kitchen floor was flooded for 2 days. It STANK so bad and ended up being a leak in the wall from our shower upstairs. Ugh, it was awful and I'm glad its fixed.

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Ryan + Jess said...

That looks like FUN! Our ward party was cancelled because of all the snow and cold weather.

Can't wait to see you!